We are a Christian entertainment producer based out of Fishers, IN.  If you represent a church

or venue and you would be interested in hosting an event, please contact us. It's easy and it

doesn't have to be cost prohibitive. Let us help build your brand by bringing in awesome

entertainment and let's share Jesus with your community!








Rockfest 2005, Rochester, IN

Manic Drive, South On 5, Forerunner

Hero Of My Soul Tour 2006, Rochester, IN

By The Tree, Jonah33, Inhabited

Rockfest 2006, Rochester, IN

  Manic Drive, Exit The Ordinary, Failing Gravity

Rockfest 2007, Rochester, IN

  Building 429, StorySide:B, Since October, Manic Drive, This Fires Embrace,

  The Great Transparency, Escape From Frolly, For The While

Rock Will Happen Concert Series 2008

  Various Regional Bands

Rockfest 2008, Rochester, IN

  Everyday Sunday, Seabird, Since October, This Fires Embrace, Exit The Ordinary, Pawn,

Fire By Nite, Jairus Cry, Far From Phoenix, 29eleven, The Tug Fork River Band, Xiomy

Halloween 2008, Rochester, IN

  Flatfoot 56

Rockfest 2009, Rochester, IN

  Disciple, 7eventh Time Down, Manic Drive, This Fires Embrace, Exit The Ordinary,

  Our Hero's End, Nineball, Burning Yesterday, The Great Transparency


Rockfest 2010, Rochester, IN

  Stellar Kart, 7eventh Time Down, After Edmund, Since October, This Fires Embrace, 

Nineball, Our Hero's End, State Of Isaac, Delorean Grey, Blank Pages, Burning Yesterday,

Autumn's Descent, Submerged, Three Nails Failed

Summer Tour 2011, Rochester, IN


Rockfest 2011, Rochester, IN

  The Afters, Everyday Sunday, Icon For Hire, This Fires Embrace, All Became New,

  Autumn's Descent, Angelight, Our Hero's End, Burning Yesterday, Dying Truth, Matt Moore,

  Burden My Surrender, Escaping Yesterday, Red Morning Voyage,

Protest For Pluto, Embers Burn, T.A.G.

Words and Worlds Tour 2012, Kokomo, IN

  Sent By Ravens, Nine Lashes, Cory Lamb, The Protest, Pure Star Movement

Rockfest 2012, Rochester, IN

  Love And Death (featuring Brian "Head" Welch of KORN), 12 Stones, Ashes Remain,

The Letter Black, Spoken, Nine Lashes, The Protest, Righteous Vendetta, Inhale Exhale,

Relesser, 3 Times Driven, Awaken, Liquid6Teen, ForeverAtLast, All Became New, Attalus,

Ilia, Corpus Christi, Burning Yesterday, Danya, Shaken, My Paper Tiger, Confirmed,

Emergency Dental Surgery, To The Sky, Failed Escape, Fully Justified,

Defeated Eden, Captivated, For The Fallen, T.A.G.


From Water To War Festival 2013, Pendleton, IN

  Nine Lashes, Jason Dunn of Hawk Nelson, Lastwatch, Relesser,

3 Times Driven, Silver From The Flames

An Evening With Matt Baird of Spoken, 8/20/21 Rochester, IN

  Matt Baird, Matt Moore

Miracles Tour, 11/5/21 Kokomo, IN (Sold Out)

  Colton Dixon, Hannah Kerr, Jordan St. Cyr

Miracles Tour, 11/7/21 Urbana, OH

  Colton Dixon, Hannah Kerr, Jordan St. Cyr

Hope & Recovery Tour, 11/9/21 Kokomo, IN

  Seventh Day Slumber, The Protest, Matt Sassano

Hope & Recovery Tour, 11/11/21 Urbana, OH

  Seventh Day Slumber, The Protest, Matt Sassano

Comedy With A Cause Tour, 11/13/21, Kokomo, IN

Austin &Leb, Stacy Corwin, Doug Arnold


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